Editorial and Travel Photographer Susan Seubert in Antarctica

Greetings!  I just returned from just over 3 weeks in Antarctica and it was yet another epic adventure spent as the National Geographic Photography Expert on board the National Geographic Explorer expedition ship.  The thing that is extremely difficult to express, in words or pictures, is the scale of Antarctica.  It is truly vast.  Every place we visited felt enormous yet when seen on a map, appeared to be just a mere speck in the context of the peninsula.  We were greeted by humpback and killer whales, leopard seals and several species of penguinsIceberg A57a was quite a sight, as was cruising through Antarctic sound during a beautiful sunset and moon-rise.  Of course, nothing tells the story better than photographs, so I’ve included a few here for your enjoyment.  Thank you for visiting my blog!


The National Geographic Explorer parked at the dock in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world.

Iceberg A57A, Antarctica

Iceberg A57a as seen from our ship.

False Bay, Antarctica

A solitary Chinstrap penguin standing on a bergy bit in False Bay

False Bay, Antarctica

A leopard seal hauled out on the ice in False Bay

Anderson Island, Antarctica

Killer whales near Anderson Island

Antarctic Sound, Antarctica

The beginning of an epic sunset in Antarctic Sound

Antarctic Sound, Antarctica

The land of the midnight sun, dusk and a crescent moon in Antarctic Sound

Paulet Island, Antarctica

An Adele penguin at Paulet Island

Lindblad Cove, Antarctica

Pancake ice in Lindblad Cove

Lindblad Cove, Antarctica

The ship parked and people kayaking in the ice at Lindblad Cove


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