Advertising and Travel Photographer Susan Seubert 2019 Year in Pictures


I can’t believe another year has flown by!  It feels as though just last week I was writing about 2018, yet here we are already at the end of 2019.

The year started out in January with an adventure to Antarctica on the National Geographic Explorer where, as the National Geographic Photography Expert, I shared with the folks on board what I’ve learned over the years about the ins and outs of making good travel photos.  

The National Geographic Explorer in Cierva Cove, Antarctica
An Adele penguin on Paulet Island, Antarctica
The midnight sunset in Antarctic Sound, Antarctica

In March, I was invited by the University of Southern Denmark to go to Iceland to participate in a workshop about sustainable tourism in the Nordic Arctic. I met a group of people involved in all aspects of tourism and for a week we discussed the various problems facing the far north as global warming makes it easier to bring visitors to a once impervious area of the Earth.  The workshop culminated in a meeting with members of the Icelandic Parliament as well as diplomats from around the world. Here’s a short video about the workshop.

Icelandic horses outside of Akureyri, Iceland
Pingeyjarsveit, Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland

Then, it was back to Maui for a rather stormy period to see the migratory Humpback Whales who make their way there each year from Alaska.  It was a memorable encounter when a mother and her newborn calf came up from directly underneath our kayak!  Also, the males did a lot of underwater singing; one sang something that sounded like a song straight out of the library of Ornett Coleman.  Ah, yes, and who can be in Maui without surfing?

A baby Humpback whale heading up to take a breath
Yours truly, catching a wave at Kaanapali Point, Maui (photo by my husband)
A moonbow as seen from Kaanapali Beach, Maui

As part of Women’s History Month in March, Lindblad Expeditions made all my hard work seem worthwhile with a flattering article about me.  Thank you, Lindblad!  You can read it here.

Back in Portland for April, the dance company, BodyVox, commissioned me to choreograph a piece for their Pearl Dive project.  It was interesting to try to express ideas behind my latest conceptual photographic artwork in the new-to-me medium of dance and to choose the music for it.  What a treat it was working with artistic directors Jamey Hampton and Ashley Roland and their crew to produce my piece entitled, “Grief.”  I loved the artistic stretch of working in dance. You can read a review of it here.

The Pearl Dive Project at BodyVox Dance Studio, Portland, Oregon

Also in April, I was invited by the London-based Polar Reserch & Policy Initiative to show my photographic work from the polar regions in Seattle as part of an event called, “Arctic Encounter Symposium,” an international conference on the Arctic.

Over the prior year, I had been working on a fine art series of photos entitled, “A Typology of Lament.” My group of images was inspired by a picture made by Russian photographer Dmitri Baltermants in 1942.  “A Typology of Lament” was installed at the Froelick Gallery in April during Photolucida, Portland’s biannual photographic extravaganza where curators, editors, and gallerists all converge to review portfolios and generally celebrate the medium of photography. Part of this show also traveled to SITE:BROOKLYN for an exhibit entitled, “Photography Series and Repetition.” Four pieces from the Portland show were also published in the September issue of Harper’s Magazine, which you can see here. The entire suite of images from the exhibit are on my fine art web site here.

Installation of “A Typology of Lament” at the Froelick Gallery, Portland, Oregon
“A Typology of Lament,” as seen in the September 2019 issue of Harper’s Magazine

One of my favorite assignments of 2019 was about Woodburn, Oregon, for Travel Oregon, one of my most prized clients.  I had covered the Fiesta Mexicana the previous summer, and this year we rounded out the story about this largely Mexican community.  Of course, we also visited the nearby Tulip Festival in Canby, Oregon, which is certainly one of the most colorful events in the state.

The Fiesta Mexicana in Woodburn, Oregon.
Dancers at the Fiesta Mexicana in Woodburn, Oregon
The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, Canby, Oregon

Then, it was off to Scottsdale, Arizona to teach a travel photography workshop for National Geographic.  My colleague and I had a sold-out class where for four days we got to immerse ourselves in all things photographic along with a large group of enthusiastic students.

Welcome Night for our National Geographic Travel Seminar at
The Boulders Resort, Scottsdale, AZ
A beautiful hot air balloon for the last shoot instruction at The Boulders Resort, Scottsdale, AZ

May took me to Bordeaux, France, where National Geographic put me on board the “Scenic Diamond” as their Photography Expert.  Bordeaux is one of my favorite places in France because it’s like a mini Paris, complete with great architecture, food, shopping, and, of course, some of the best wine in the world– all without the crowds.

Bordeaux, France
A winemaker tending to his vines in Blaye, Bordeaux, France

June, July, August and September were spent exploring Alaska and its charismatic megafauna for National Geographic Expeditions.  We hiked and enjoyed plenty of marine mammals of the famed Inside Passage.  The September trip started up in the tundra of Nome where we saw musk ox and enjoyed a demonstration from an official musher.  The expedition ended 15 days later in the gorgeous city of Vancouver, B.C.

A brown bear eating grass in Misty Fjords National Monument, Alaska, USA
Picturesque Petersburg, Alaska
Giant Musk Ox outside of Nome, AK
A musher with his sled dogs in Nome, AK

My last adventure of 2019 was another glorious trip to Maui, where R&R were at the top of the to-do list.  I made a point of being in or on the water every day for 4 spectacular weeks.  The weather was gorgeous and although I don’t have many pictures to show for it, I have great memories having been able to spend time with friends and family.

Cheers to a great 2020!

Next year promises to be another year full of exciting travel!  I’d love to see you on any of my trips with National Geographic Expeditions.  Click here for a list of places I’ll be visiting in 2020 with the National Geographic Society.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great holiday season!

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  1. Dear Susan,You are a very special and talented human being and frankly…Your photos are sensitive, glorious,exhilerating,peaceful, and Fine Art:) I have nothing more to say except I love you, your beloved husband, your parents and I send you loving prayers for good health, happiness and love,Sincerely,Ardyth Shapiro:)

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