Susan Seubert still shoots film, sometimes…

It appears that digital technology has its firm grip on photographyI have certainly embraced the technology and enjoy its immediacy.  My primary camera is a Canon 5D Mark II which is lovely. (now that I have one that actually works). That said, I love my good old film cameras. Working with film forces me to slow down, look carefully and make decisions prior to releasing the shutter.  Currently I shoot about 25% of my work using an old, beat up Hasse with a set of prime lenses.  Occasionally I use my Rolliflex.  Sometimes I’ll take out the Linhof Technikardan.  What I LOVE is that the film doesn’t become obsolete in 3 years, I can put the film in a filing cabinet (as opposed to RAID storage for my digital files), and put the caption information on the sleeve (which can’t be stripped by software programs). Plus my cat can have a nap on the 8×10.

Steiglitz (sic) protecting the 8x10 camera

2 Replies to “Susan Seubert still shoots film, sometimes…”

  1. What a great post. I know your not alone, I and a number of other people are picking up film cameras. Soon people will see it like vintage guitars and cars, built to last with personality.

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