Tacoma Art Museum Biennial Exhibition Talk

This Saturday, February 28th, I’ll be giving a talk about my work at the Tacoma Art Museum along with the three other photographers selected for the exhibition: Michael Kenna, Doug Keyes and Isaac Layman.  The title of the half day program is called, “Taking Pictures Through Multiple Lenses: Photography in the Biennial.”  Each of us has been asked to present a 40 minute presentation.  I am scheduled to speak at 11:40am, so if you’re in Tacoma and don’t have anything better to do, please join us!  I promise to try and make you laugh.   I’m looking forward to hearing Doug and Isaac particularly because I don’t know either of these artists personally and their work in the Biennial is impressive.  Michael Kenna is always a great speaker and is the most famous of our lot, so I’m looking forward to hearing him speak again, and interested to see what he’s been up to in Japan, besides singing karaoke, which I understand he can do in perfect Japanese.  Ohio!

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