Travel Photographer Susan Seubert shoots Portland, Oregon for Smithsonian’s Instagram

This week I was given the keys to Smithsonian Magazine’s Instagram account.  My home base is Portland, Oregon and I love this city because not only is it beautiful, the community here is full of interesting and engaging people.  This week gave me an opportunity to share with the world some of the iconic people and places that I hold near and dear to my heart here in the Pacific Northwest.  Below are a few of the images from the project.  Please continue to follow me on my Instagram account @susanseubert

Have a beautiful summer!

Susan Seubert takes over Smithsonian Magazine’s Instagram Feed This Week

Aloha from Maui, the Valley Isle!  I’ll be taking over Smithsonian Magazine’s Instagram Feed this week, featuring photos of the island’s flora and if I’m lucky, some of its fauna.  You can follow me here and read about why Smithsonian Magazine let me take the reins of their photo feed here.  Mahalo for visiting and a hui ho!

tiny shells, collected on the beach, to welcome you to the island, wherever you may be

tiny shells, collected on the beach, to welcome you to the island, wherever you may be

Portland Photographer Susan Seubert shoots with an iPhone

Sometimes it’s just fun to mess around with new(er) technology.  I was one of the legions of photographers who loved to use an SX-70 Polaroid camera to make images.  Now I am able to use an iPhone application to make those kinds of images.  The application I use is called Polarize and it allows one to preview the effect before one saves it.  Although I miss the tactile quality that the Polaroid offers, making photos with an iPhone can be equally rewarding.  I still use a small instant camera that a friend brought to me from Japan : it’s a Fuji equivalent of a Polaroid and spits out business card sized prints. This morning I was taking some photos in the beautiful morning light with the iPhone.   Here are a few of my favorites from the last couple of months.  Enjoy!

my cat, Steiglitz (sic)

The tree outside my hotel room in Washington, D.C.

The National Museum of the American Indian