Susan Seubert Photography’s Picture Chosen as one of National Geographic’s 30 Best Travel Pictures in 30 Years

Zed's surf school at Surfer's Point on the South Coast of Barbados

Zed’s surf school at Surfer’s Point on the South Coast of Barbados

This past November, National Geographic Traveler Magazine celebrated its 30th Anniversary. The magazine was launched in order to ” ‘inspire members [of the National Geographic Society] to go and experience [destinations],” complementing National Geographic, “which has taken its readers to places most of us will never reach.'” This is quoted from the editor’s note in the November 2014 edition, quoting National Geographic editor Gilbert M. Grosvenor‘s editor’s letter from the first magazine launch in 1984.

The issue celebrates how photography has played an important role in the magazine’s history with a segment called,”30 Years in Pictures, The Best Photographs From the Pages of Traveler Magazine,” and one of my images was included.  Keith Bellows wrote, “In this anniversary issue we celebrate our 30th year through the camera lens, offering a chronicle of changing times. Since 1984 we’ve shot more than 3.4 million photos and published some 36,000.”

Having an image chosen from that number must be what it feels like to win the lottery. 🙂

You can see the picture on my web site here or on National Geographic Traveler’s site here.


Award Winning Travel Photographer Susan Seubert wins NATJA Award

It is my great pleasure to announce that I am the proud recipient of an award from the North American Travel Journalists Association, known as NATJA, for excellence in photography in the category of portraiture.  The winning story is called, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  It was published in the January/February 2011 issue of National Geographic Traveler Magazine. I received my letter from the association today which states that, “This year’s competition was marked by an overwhelming number of outstanding entries.  As an award winner, you were singled out as one of the best of the best.”  🙂  Thank you NATJA and National Geographic Traveler!

opening spread for, "It's a Wonderful Life" story by Charles Kulander, photographs by yours truly. Click here to be taken to a gallery of some of my other favorite photos from the shoot.

Travel Photographer Susan Seubert named in National Geographic Traveler’s top ten photos of 2011

National Geographic Traveler Magazine senior photo editor Dan Westergren posted today his selects for the top 10 photos from 2011 and I was pleasantly surprised to be included.  The selected photo was from a shoot at Zed’s Surfing School in Barbados, which was the opener for a story I shot about the island nation that ran in the January/February 2011 issue of National Geographic Traveler.  I completely agree with Dan about having the subject in the center of the frame, usually considered to be a visual no-no.  I had been lying on the ground shooting, trying to capture a moment of the lessons that are given before entering the water, a very typical event, but often not the most dynamic time to shoot.  Later on, as I was reviewing the images from the take, this one immediately caught my eye and was marked as a file select.  My husband, who ran a major photo gallery for ten years, remarked that it has the appearance of a diorama.

It’s always thrilling to be assigned such wonderful stories.  However, when pictures from those assignments receive singular recognition, particularly when the image is culled from thousands of others that were submitted or published over the year, the excitement is even greater.  It’s also an honor to be included among the other 8 fantastic photographers, including Frans Lanting, Catherine Karnow and Chris Rainier.  Thank you National Geographic Traveler!!!

National Geographic Traveler Magazine's Top 10 Photos from 2011 includes the opener from my story about Barbados. 🙂

Editorial Multimedia photographer Susan Seubert and Barbados

The assignment I shot for National Geographic Traveler Magazine about Barbados was the first assignment where I brought along some sound equipment and although, due to a very tight shooting schedule, I didn’t have much time to gather audio, there was one interview with a couple of local women who go every morning to Enterprise Beach, otherwise known as Miami Beach, to have a sponge.  From my hotel room, I’d hear people walking down the road at dawn towards the water so one morning I followed.  It was glorious.  All manner of locals just hanging around, talking and floating in the clear, blue water.  This went on all day, every day, weather permitting.  The people of Barbados are so friendly and these two women really expressed this warmth while discussing the water they visit for social and medicinal purposes.  I’ve posted a video about it on my web site and also wanted to put it up here.  I find their voices uplifting and it brings joy to my heart to listen to their passionate love for their beach, Miami Beach in Barbados.

The photos were all made with a Canon 5D Mark II and processed in Adobe’s Lightroom.  The slideshow was put together using Final Cut Pro.  The audio was gathered using an Audio-technica omnidirectional condenser mic with a dead cat wind screen and an Edirol R-09HR recorder.  I use Bose noise-canceling headphones while recording audio.

national geographic travel photographer Susan Seubert’s Barbados Story

Greetings!  It is again, with great pleasure, that I am able to announce that the story I shot for National Geographic Traveler about Barbados is now on the newsstands. This is the second major assignment I’ve shot in the Caribbean for National Geographic Traveler. The last story was about Unique Hotels of the Caribbean.  This time, I traveled to Barbados in August of 2010 to shoot the ten day assignment and it was another glorious adventure, despite the oppressive heat and outbursts of torrential rain.  The writer, Charlie Kulander, was wonderful to work with and I enjoyed reading his story and did my best to capture the essence of his experience… and mine.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to travel back to the island nation to visit the many people who helped make this story so fantastic.  The printed version is not available online, so I encourage all of you to go out and pick up a copy of National Geographic Traveler’s January/February 2011 issue.  Or, if you have an iPad, you can purchase a subscription through Zinio.  That version features more photos than both the web site and the magazine.  The opening spread, of which I am quite proud, is pictured below.  I am including a link here to my favorite images from the shoot, some of which were also published in the both the print and electronic versions of the magazine.


opening spread for, "It's a Wonderful Life," story by Charles Kulander, photographs by yours truly. Click here to be taken to a gallery of some of my other favorite photos from the shoot.

This was my first all digital shoot for this magazine.  Everything was shot on Canon 5D Mark II cameras and processed in Adobe’s Lightroom software.