Editorial Travel Photographer Susan Seubert shoots Portland, Oregon for Dutch National Geographic Traveler

Last summer I had the privilege of photographing an assignment for the Dutch edition of National Geographic Traveler to cover my home town of Portland, Oregon.  It was great fun to explore my own city!  I was able to revisit some of my favorite places such as the Portland Farmers’ Market, Forest Park, and Ned Ludd, but also assigned to shoot new locations like the tiny house Caravan and a wonderful restaurant called Tusk.

Although it’s always exciting to hop on a plane and go to new places, it’s just as fun to discover interesting, (and delicious), places in my own back yard.

Here is a copy of the spread, as it is only available for sale in The Netherlands.

Enjoy and thank you for visiting!


One Reply to “Editorial Travel Photographer Susan Seubert shoots Portland, Oregon for Dutch National Geographic Traveler”

  1. Bravo for the Work of Susan Seubert:) Her artistry is beyond the limits of creativity:) She brings Portland,Oregon alive with her sensitive photos of familiar places,as well as those with which we are not acquainted:) As a Portland native I was enchanted with the beauty of her glimpses into the Farmers’ market,The Falls,the Restaurants and colorful statements around the city and surrounding areas:) Ardyth shapiro:)

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