Multimedia Photographer Susan Seubert at Maine Media Workshops

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Bob Sacha‘s class, “New Media, New World,” at the Maine Media Workshops.  The goal of the class was to produce a one minute multimedia piece.  In today’s world, it’s important to understand how to distill a lot of information into a small amount of time and space.  Working with my Canon 5D Mark IV, a shotgun microphone and a Zoom audio recorder, I had one day and two meetings with my subject to capture enough audio and video to create an interesting piece.  It was fast paced and crazy.  My subject was a recovering alcoholic who runs a dog-sledding business in the winter on the central coast of Maine, and here it was, the middle of August. It took 4 days, but I was able to complete my mini-documentary!  It’s slightly over one minute, but Bob granted us all a few seconds grace period if it would finish the piece nicely.  Below is the result.  I’m working on two other projects, and look forward to getting those finished and uploaded. However, I’ll likely be a bit behind schedule as this weekend I am headed to Wales and England for National Geographic Expeditions to teach photography on their ships.  Follow me on Instagram for images from the Expedition, or better yet, jump on a plane and join us!  Thanks for visiting.

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