Behind the Scenes with Portrait Photographer Susan Seubert on location in Portland, Oregon

I just wrapped my first shoot for the University of Portland, featuring environmental portraits of their students to be used in their print collateral. It was a beautiful day in Portland, OR, and we were able to use the campus and the city as our backdrops.

Portland’s landmark architecture is bridges, so we chose the base of the Hawthorne Bridge as one of our locations.  Although we had to dodge cyclists and pedestrians, we were able to pull off the shoot in little time.  I like packing a fairly light kit, so I set up a Canon 580EX flash on a stand wired to Pocket Wizard radio triggers. No wires meant that I could use a long lens and shoot across the busy pedestrian path. I chose to use an umbrella as a light source but in order to get rid of the dappled light from the tree he was standing under, we had to hold up a scrim to block the sunlight.

University of Portland Student, Portland, OR
Behind the Scenes: the photographer’s perspective
University of Portland Student, Portland, OR
On location in Portland, Oregon

The end result was a success!  I’ll share the image after it goes to press.

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