Susan Seubert in Svalbard with National Geographic Expeditions, now represented by Jenna Teeson Represents

Yours truly in Baja on board the National Geographic Sea Bird.  Photo copyright © 2014 Ralph Lee Hopkins
Yours truly in Baja on board the National Geographic Sea Bird. Photo copyright © 2014 Ralph Lee Hopkins

Tomorrow I will board an airplane bound for Oslo and then on to one of the most fascinating archipelagos on Earth, Svalbard.  It is located about halfway between Norway and the North Pole.  I am excited to be the on board National Geographic Photography Expert on the National Geographic Explorer – a beautiful, ice-class expedition ship.  I’ll be on the expedition, “Land of the Polar Bears,” until the end of June teaching photography, giving lectures about being a photographer for the National Geographic Society and joining the guests in exploring this incredible environment.  During this trip we will have opportunities to explore the Svalbard archipelago both on land and at sea.  There are a few types of megafauna that call Svalbard home, the most notable being Ursus maritimus, commonly known as the polar bear.  Other marine mammals include several species of whales, including the Narwhal of unicorn legend, along with seals, walruses and many migratory and endemic sea birds.  Having never been this far north before, I’m thrilled at the possibilities for photography.  This time of year the wildlife will likely be searching for food as this is the Spring season and the sun will not set.  We will be traveling through 24 hours of daylight which should make for magnificent lighting possibilities.  You can follow my travels on my new Facebook Page.

Here’s a sneak peek at my camera kit

Lots of Canon Glass for this trip!
Lots of Canon Glass for this trip!

Other news on the home front 

I’m proud and thrilled to now be represented by Jenna Teeson!  Jenna and I met ten years ago when she was a photo editor at National Geographic Traveler Magazine.  As the years passed, she moved on from the Geographic back to her hometown, Boston, and has since been working as artist representative for Heath Robbins, a very talented food and lifestyle photographer.  Jenna has worked on global campaigns with some of the country’s top advertising agencies and I’m excited for what’s next for us.  I know we can go far together as Jenna brings greater exposure to my work and the opportunity to collaborate with new partners.  Jenna is one of the most well organized and pleasant people I have had the privilege to work with, so when we reconnected, I jumped at the chance to work with her again.

Here’s Jenna!

Jenna Teeson Represents Susan Seubert

In my absence, please contact Jenna for assignments.

She can be reached at jennateesonreps(at)gmail(dot)com

or by phone at 202-302-7384

For stock requests, please visit my stock site here.

Thank you for visiting!

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