Travel Photographer Susan Seubert in Bangkok for National Geographic Traveler

I was sent to Thailand to photograph a story about Bangkok for National Geographic Traveler Magazine.  This was my first time in Thailand and it was a wonderful experience.  Since the coverage was limited to the old area of the city on Rattanakosin Island, I spent days wandering the streets and making pictures.  Dusk and dawn were the best time due to the extreme heat during the time of year I was there.  One day it was so hot that my tennis shoes melted apart!

My photo editor included one of the images from the take on National Geographic’s “On Assignment” web site: a photograph I made at Wat Intharawihan of the 105 foot tall Buddah which is covered in gold.  I had seen many photos at this place, mainly of people at the feet of this giant statue. When I arrived, it was in terrible mid-day light and all of the people were gone so it seemed that I was not going to be able to make a good picture.  Then, one of the caretakers arrived to dismantle some banners and I lucked into an opportunity to shoot the feet with a sense of scale that normally one wouldn’t have seen published.  You can read about the photograph on National Geographic’s web site here.


Wat Intharawihan in Bangkok, Thailand
Wat Intharawihan in Bangkok, Thailand

The story will run in the 2014 June/July issue.  I hope to write more about the assignment when the issue hits the news stands.

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a great day!

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