Susan Seubert on National Geographic Traveler’s Cover for October 2013

I am extremely pleased to have one of my pictures grace the cover of the newly redesigned National Geographic Traveler Magazine.  The cover image for National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s October issue is of the “Phantom Ship” rock formation in Crater Lake. Crater Lake National Park is the only national park in the state of Oregon.  We had hiked down the Cleetwood Trail to access the boat ramp and took a guided tour on the surface of the lake.  The lake itself is about 600 meters deep, the deepest lake in the United States and fed almost entirely by snow melt.  On the day we visited, it was gorgeous: perfectly sunny and not a breath of wind.  The water was crystal clear, in full display of its famed blue color. Because of the windless conditions, many of the unique geologic features reflected on the surface as though it was a mirror.  We were lucky enough to have a few puffy, white clouds pass by as the day went on which also provided interesting visual opportunities for photographs.  I had visited Crater Lake on a few occasions prior, but never with such fantastic weather.  It’s a beautiful place to visit whether you prefer to sit and gaze at the lake from the renovated, historic lodge, or take the Crater Rim Drive in the car.  Another option for visitors is to hike around the rim which affords many good views of the caldera and this magnificent place.

Cover of the October 2013 issue of National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Susan Seubert’s Cover of the October 2013 issue of National Geographic Traveler Magazine 🙂

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