The beauty of being on the road, making pictures


Simple beauty at home – peonies from our garden 🙂

I’m often asked if being on the road for assignment work gets tiring, or what do I do for a vacation – the sorts of questions which make perfect sense if one is a photojournalist who specializes in travel photography.  Truth be told, I enjoy being at home as much as I do being on the road.  While I’m on assignment, I meet all sorts of people, from the rent-car agents and flight attendants, to fellow travelers, to the subjects I have the privilege of spending some time getting to know.  All of these things add up to a journey through life that is intoxicating in its promise, (and delivery!), of adventure. This sort of lifestyle also offers a marvelous appreciation of what it means to be home.  Although it may sound a bit sappy, I miss my husband terribly if he’s not along, and it may sound a bit selfish to miss being in my own bed.  However, traveling alone means that I’m forced out of my comfort zone and into a tangible world, oftentimes one that is completely unknown to me.  This keeps my spirit alive and my heart and mind open.  The challenges this life presents are complex, but allow me to grow and appreciate that everyone on this Earth has their own story and my task is to bring those stories to life, in pictures.

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