photojournalist Susan Seubert shoots for the New York Times

In today’s New York Times, a photograph I made for a story about organic dairy farming was published in the New York Times both online and in print.  The piece is in the Sunday Review section under the opinion pages.  It was written by Nicholas Kristof about a friend of his who lives here in OregonBob Bansen raises Jersey cows in Yamhill County, Oregon, about an hour away from Portland. Eight years ago he decided to go against the grain of dairy industrial standards of pumping cows full of antibiotics and other industrial chemicals and instead, let these milk producers range freely on the grassy plains that surround his dairy.  He has about 300 heifers and he knows each one by name.  It’s an uplifting story about an independent farmer that has a unique relationship with his animals, treats them with respect and produces a quality product working together with his cows.  You can read the story online here.  I’m putting up some outtakes from the shoot because the New York Times only had space for one photo.  It was a joy to meet Bob and some of his lovely gals.  I may have to go have a glass of organic milk to drink while I read the story again.  Moo.

young Jersey cows in the barn. Cute!
Portrait of Bob Bansen, a dairy farmer in Yamhill, Oregon, standing in the pasture with his herd of Jersey milk cows as seen today in the New York Times.

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