Hawaii Editorial Photographer Susan Seubert lands cover of National Geographic Traveler Magazine

Hawaii is one of my favorite places on earth, which is why I am based there at least 4 months out of the year.  Maui happens to be my favorite Hawaiian Island, so I have an enormous stock photography collection from the time my husband and I spend there.  Of course, I’m not always shooting – what I love is the ocean water and the tropical breezes, two things that we don’t get in Portland.  Imagine my surprise when National Geographic Traveler Magazine decided to run this image on their September 2011 issue.  This has been one of my favorite portraits for some time, so I was thrilled.  I also think that the yellow plumeria goes nicely with the trademark yellow border of the magazine.  Thank you National Geographic Traveler!

Hawaii Photographer Susan Seubert's Cover for National Geographic Traveler

This image was shot on a Hasselblad using an 80mm lens and Kodak’s 400VC Color Negative film.  The image is now handled by the Getty Images Rights Managed archive.

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