Editorial photographer Susan Seubert shoots for San Francisco Magazine

Yet more foodie love for Portland!  This author tells San Francisco to step aside, food wise.  For the May 2011 issue of San Francisco Magazine, I had the great pleasure of shooting a feature about some of the food scene happening here in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.  I love the color and size of the spread – San Francisco Magazine is a larger than normal book, so the images get great play.  The story features the barrel aged cocktails at Clyde Common, the yummy food of Gruner, the sour beers at Cascade Brewing Barrel House and the delightfully crisp shakerato at Spella Caffe.  If you haven’t already, check the story out by scrolling down online here.

Double truck about Portland, Oregon restaurants

All of these images were shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and processed in Adobe’s Lightroom Software.

2 Replies to “Editorial photographer Susan Seubert shoots for San Francisco Magazine”

  1. Susan, these photos are great! Wish I could see them larger, but the link to Photoshelter page doesn’t have all of those in preview.

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