Multimedia Photographer Susan Seubert with National Geographic Expeditions in Alaska

Last week I spent aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird where we traversed Alaska’s Inside Passage.  The weather was constantly changing but it rained very little, much to my surprise and delight!  I will be writing more about this National Geographic Expedition in the next few days, but I was so excited about this footage that I felt that the blogsphere would be a better place if I could share the joy of watching a pair of Dall’s porpoises bow riding on the last day of our journey.  I was preparing for a slideshow presentation when I suddenly heard hoots of excitement coming from the front of the ship.  A group of these cetaceans had decided to join us and bow ride for a good deal of time.  For a while, there were as many as 5 in front of our ship, much to the delight of everyone on board.  People took turns looking over the bow as the animals jumped and played in the water.  I was fortunate enough to get some video footage of these amazing marine mammals.  Their distinguishing marks were made visible as they turned on their sides and it was wonderful to witness their agility as they frolicked in front of the ship.  I hope that the movie below transports you to Southeast Alaska for a moment and affords you a glimpse into what it’s like to be on board with National Geographic.

This video was made with a Canon 5D Mark II fitted with a 24-105 IS USM lens and processed in iMovie.

One Reply to “Multimedia Photographer Susan Seubert with National Geographic Expeditions in Alaska”

  1. Awesome footage. Almost looks like some type of video game…find the dolphin.

    Much better footage than our Maui adventure – although watching this video brings a smile to my mind as I remember our dolphin encounter in Hawaii!

    Thanks for sharing, Susan. Fun video! Love Alaska.

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