Editorial Multimedia photographer Susan Seubert and Barbados

The assignment I shot for National Geographic Traveler Magazine about Barbados was the first assignment where I brought along some sound equipment and although, due to a very tight shooting schedule, I didn’t have much time to gather audio, there was one interview with a couple of local women who go every morning to Enterprise Beach, otherwise known as Miami Beach, to have a sponge.  From my hotel room, I’d hear people walking down the road at dawn towards the water so one morning I followed.  It was glorious.  All manner of locals just hanging around, talking and floating in the clear, blue water.  This went on all day, every day, weather permitting.  The people of Barbados are so friendly and these two women really expressed this warmth while discussing the water they visit for social and medicinal purposes.  I’ve posted a video about it on my web site and also wanted to put it up here.  I find their voices uplifting and it brings joy to my heart to listen to their passionate love for their beach, Miami Beach in Barbados.

The photos were all made with a Canon 5D Mark II and processed in Adobe’s Lightroom.  The slideshow was put together using Final Cut Pro.  The audio was gathered using an Audio-technica omnidirectional condenser mic with a dead cat wind screen and an Edirol R-09HR recorder.  I use Bose noise-canceling headphones while recording audio.

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