portrait photographer Susan Seubert shoots for Smithsonian

Last May I had the pleasure of being assigned a portrait session with famed author Paul Theroux.  The image is published in Smithsonian Magazine alongside his article entitled, “The Trouble with Autobiography.” It was a wonderful afternoon spent with him at his home on Oahu not only chatting about all sorts of things, but touring his garden and meeting his pet geese, which had marvelous personalities.  He’s a warm and friendly man, which one would expect given he’s traveled extensively throughout the world and works regularly with other photographers.  We spent quite a bit of the time together with me shooting through a window in front of his desk, from which he allowed me to remove the screen.  It looked much nicer than trying to light the interior of his home which is surrounded by verdant green forests and somewhat dark.  The photograph that was published was a second idea – I was really drawn to the artifacts that he had sitting on a large, wooden coffee table.  I enjoyed his thoughts on autobiography and encourage you to read the article, which is also posted online here.

Portrait of author Paul Theroux in his home on Oahu, Hawaii

All the images were made with the Canon 5D Mark II with the Canon 24-105mm lens and processed using Adobe’s Lightroom software.

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