food photographer Susan Seubert shoots for the New York Times

Today, a story I photographed for The New York Times is published in the Dining section of the paper.  The story covers barrel aged cocktails, the latest in high end libations.  Jeffrey Morgenthaller, the bar manager at Clyde Common in Portland, Oregon, was first inspired when he visited a bar in London.  He came back home and started experimenting with the mixture and came up with a nice selection of beverages.  If you find yourself at Clyde Common, you might want to order one of the favorites and most available, the Negroni.  Cheers!

Click here to read the story in The New York Times

I shot this assignment with Canon 5D Mark II cameras, using the 24-105 IS USM lens and the Canon 50mm compact macro for the details.  The images were all processed using Adobe’s Lightroom software.

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