editorial photographer Susan Seubert heading back to Portland

Well, our time here in Maui is wrapping up with just 6 short days left to enjoy the sun, surf, sand and outdoor grilling.  It’s been a marvelous time in the islands with small projects and lots of days off.  The time spent in the water has been thrilling as I feel that I have made more progress in my ability to surf.  It’s also been a great time to think.  I had one of my best years ever in photography – landing great new clients and continuing wonderful relationships with my loyal customers. Cheers to all of you! I’m heading back to Portland, Oregon on November 23rd, where I’ll be based until January 4th, when I return to Maui for two short weeks to watch the humpback whales.
There are so many blog posts about how to improve one’s eye as a photographer, but precious few discuss taking time away from the camera.  I feel this is equally important – particularly if one has been shooting continuously for several months, or years as the case may be.  Sometimes shifting gears completely and seeing the world without the viewfinder or ground glass is a wonderful way to refresh.  Over time, patterns develop which can end up leaving an eye stuck in a conventional rut, which sometimes becomes style or perhaps confused with the notion of formula.  Taking a few steps back, in the form of not taking pictures, is a way to gain some distance from one’s work.  I love looking at other photographers’ work during times like this: when I’m not researching a subject or forcing myself to renew my approach to image making.  When I am able to gaze at the sea for hours, take a nap, read a book, then I can turn around, take a deep breath and paddle out for the next session.  2011 – here I come!

susan surfing in the sea

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