commercial and travel photographer Susan Seubert shoots Travel and Leisure Magazine’s Cover

It is with great pleasure to announce that an image I shot for the August 2010 issue of Travel and Leisure Magazine is gracing the cover.  The job was loads of fun to shoot because we were asked to cover some amazing hotels in Hawaii, including the Four Seasons Hualalai on the Big Island, plus the Halekulani in Waikiki and the Kahala Hotel and Resort, both on Oahu.  I photographed a range of images at each property including food, swimming pools, interior architecture, people and the surrounding landscape.  One of the highlights was covering the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins at Dolphin Quest, one of the Kahala resort’s amenities.  The aim of Dolphin Quest is to educate guests about these fascinating marine mammals, all while getting kisses and rubbing their tummies.  Did you know that dolphins shed their skin 12 times a day?  That’s why they are so soft.

Although I live on Maui for part of the year, The Big Island always has a special place in my heart because it feels so primal with its vast lava fields and jungles.  There aren’t many of the white, sandy beaches that most of the other main islands offer, but exploring the tide pools in front of the Hualalai, (which happens to also have a vast sand beach), was a marvelous experience.  I felt like a child as I saw shrimp, sea slugs, snowflake eels and more green sea turtles than I’ve ever encountered before, all languishing in the shallows.  Be careful, however, as there are also many sea urchins which will poke directly into the bottom of your foot!  Once again, my job has given me a wealth of experiences I shall not soon forget.  Aloha!

2 thoughts on “commercial and travel photographer Susan Seubert shoots Travel and Leisure Magazine’s Cover

  1. Wow, I did not know that about dolphins!

    Congrats on the cover Susan!

    Makes me want to dive right in and that’s some killer tile at the bottom of the pool. Would love to use that in a bathroom 🙂

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