Editorial Photographer Susan Seubert shoots Chris Solinsky for the New York Times

Because I’ve never been known to be a sports photographer, the call from the photo editor at the sports desk of the New York Times was unexpected, as was the assignment: to shoot a portrait of long distance runner Chris Solinsky at the Nike campus.  He has created quite a stir in the running community by being the first non-African to beat the 26 minute record in the 10,000 meter event.  When I arrived Chris looked like he just got off the bus from the Midwest, dressed in a Hurley t-shirt and shorts.  Not until Nike outfitted him in running attire that I could finally see why he is so newsworthy.  We tried a number of poses, but without putting him in a line-up of other runners, whom he would no doubt dwarf, how was I to visually communicate his stature?  The photo that ran in the article was the one that showed off his musculature.  He’s in a push up position and I’m lying on the ground in front of him, with the camera looking straight at him. You can see the blood rushing to his face as he stayed in this pose for a couple of minutes, which also made the muscles in his arms and shoulders tighten and expand.  It seemed to be the portrait that the editors thought to be most successful, as it’s the picture that ran with the story, which can be read here.

Chris Solinsky for the New York Times

All the images were made with the Canon 5D Mark II and the Canon 50mm 1.2 lens.  The digital files were edited in Photomechanic and processed using Adobe’s Lightroom software.

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