Portland Garden Photographer Susan Seubert shoots for Garden Design

It is with great pleasure to announce the publication of a story that I shot last July here in Portland for Garden Design Magazine’s Green Living section.  The garden belongs to Maryellen Hockensmith and has a mid-century Modern designed Pietro Belluschi home on the property.  Maryellen’s life partner, Michael McCullock, who is an architect, designed the yoga house and the design of the garden was a joint effort by a team of regional designers including Ann Lovejoy, Beth Holland, Eamonn Hughes and Laura Crockett.  There is a saltwater swimming pool and views of the coast range along with outdoor rooms, an amazing stone fireplace and cascading waterfalls.  Lee Kelly was commissioned to create a large piece which is entitled, “Window to the Gone World” that both captures views of the garden and frames the coast range in the distance.  Although it was July, while I was shooting the weather ranged from the 40’s at dawn to up into the 70’s during the day.  There was a marvelous bee balm “hedge” that attracted many hummingbirds, which were my constant companions during the shoot.  It’s a marvelous garden with the added bonus of enlightened and generous homeowners who are good stewards of the earth.  You can check out the story on Garden Design’s web site here and see outtakes from the shoot on my Stock Photography site here.

The Lee Kelly sculpture and the yoga pavilion
the waterfall and outdoor fireplace
detail shots of the outdoor rooms and view of the Coast Range from the property

All the images were shot with Canon’s 5D Mark II and various lenses.

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