Editorial Photographer Susan Seubert shoots Washington D.C. for National Geographic Traveler

It is with great pleasure to announce that a feature story about Washington, D.C. that I shot last fall is running in the current issue (May/June 2010).  Both the article and the photo gallery are online.  If you subscribe, the magazine is probably in your mailbox!  If you don’t subscribe, I highly recommend giving the magazine a go – it’s packed with useful information from travel tips to feature stories illustrated with fabulous pictures.  It was a fantastic shoot to work on.  The editorial staff at National Geographic Traveler is top notch to work with and although the subject matter felt vast, we were able to cherry pick some of the best the city has to offer.  I now want to return to the city just to revisit some of the restaurants, parks and museums that I covered for the story.  You can see the story online here, and the gallery of photography here.

click here to be taken to the online photo gallery of pictures of Washington, D.C. on National Geographic Traveler's web site

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