Editorial Photographer Susan Seubert shoots Food Travel in Portland, Oregon

My favorite assignments revolve around travel because so much of a destination can be defined by the food of its culture and, of course, I love to eat.  With my latest assignment for Cooking Light magazine, I discovered that my own home town of Portland, Oregon is no exception.   The story is in the April 2010 issue, hot off the presses.  Although I didn’t have to travel far for this story, it was amazing to meet all of the individuals who are blazing culinary trails through the city.  One of my favorites was a food cart called Nong’s Khao Man Gai: Nong serves up one dish – authentic lemongrass chicken – and it’s wonderful.  I also visited Beaker and Flask, Ned Ludd, Laurelhurst Market, Koi Fusion, Simpatica and House Spirits, among others.  I got to sample everything from sandwiches to whiskey.  If you live in Portland, head out to eat!  There’s something for everyone.

The love for Portland food continues in the April 2010 issue of Cooking Light

Go see Nong and enjoy the lemongrass chicken!

All the images in this article were made with a Canon 5D Mark II and either a 24-105mm IS USM lens or a 50mm 2.5 compact macro lens, shot in RAW and processed in Adobe’s Lightroom.

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