Susan Seubert Photographer shoots Maui for National Geographic Traveler

It is with great pleasure to announce that an online photography gallery of images about Hawaii was recently posted to the National Geographic Traveler web site.  The story is about “Undiscovered Maui” and will be running in the March issue of the magazine.  Macduff Everton and I both contributed images to the story and I am pleased to share a byline with him.  In this web gallery, his image is taken from the inside of an outrigger canoe, and the rest of the photographs were made by me. 🙂  Click here to see the gallery of images and here to see the story by Andrew McCarthy.  What made this assignment so incredible was having the opportunity to meet the good people of Kahakuloa.  Each and every person in this small town nestled in the cliffs of the northern tip of Maui demonstrated true aloha spirit in the most genuine way.  The premise of this story is absolutely true and it’s best experienced by taking time to talk story with the locals.  They have a long history to share with us and we have much to learn from them and their culture.  One of the most memorable moments of the shoot was meeting Richard Ho’opi’i.  Not only did he give us an enormous amount of his time as we sat in his back yard and listened to his history of growing up and learning na leo ki’eki’e, (falsetto), he generously gave us a private concert in the little green church that is nestled in this picturesque village of only a few hundred people.  His wife runs the pink ice cream stand in the village.  If you travel there, stay a while, enjoy the stories and experience the aloha that these warm people so generously offer.

Click here to be taken to the web gallery of images on National Geographic Traveler's Web Site

I shot my images with a Canon 5D, a Canon 5D Mark II, and a Hasselblad.  I processed the digital files using Adobe’s Lightroom.

2 Replies to “Susan Seubert Photographer shoots Maui for National Geographic Traveler”

  1. A few years ago I shot some very similar photos of the Smoothie Bus. I know you are but just want to remind you to be very careful with your gear in Maui. Days after shooting the Smootie Bus, all of my photo gear, along with memory cards and backups were stolen out of my hotel room at Kapalulu. Thieves broken into our rental car, stole my wives purse while we were snorkeling, then used her room key to rob our hotel room. Thank you insurance. However, I really wish I had my photos from my 2 week stay. Gives me an excuse to go back. Maui is a beautiful place.

    Love your work, BTW!


    1. Thanks Broderick,
      I am quite aware of the potential for thievery on Maui, but thanks for the warning. I live there part time and have seen some amazing recoveries, though. We helped a guy get his stolen surf board back, on Ka’anapali beach two football players took off after a guy who tried to steal a purse from a woman off the beach, tackled him and held him until the police arrived, and a bunch of other happy endings. Everywhere I go for work there’s potential for theft. It’s one of the sad realities of being a travel photographer. Maui is a lovely place and I highly encourage you to return. All the best and happy shooting!

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