Multimedia Photographer Susan Seubert, underwater with the whales

During whale season in Maui, one can head out to calm waters and listen to the whales call to one another.  We swam out to a popular snorkel spot on Ka’anapali Beach called Pu’u Keka’a, otherwise known as Black Rock, where the lava forms underwater valleys that collect the sonar that the Humpback Whales use to communicate.  Breathing lightly through the snorkels, the whale calls are unmistakable and make me wish for more pro equipment to collect them!  The reef is alive with snapping shrimp and sometimes there are lots of people, but some days, the winds are calm, few people have swum around the point, and one can simply float in the water, ears just beneath the surface and be suspended in a completely different world.  It’s truly amazing and I recommend it to anyone comfortable enough to dangle in the open ocean.  The person in this multimedia piece is my husband who had stopped to listen.  He was too close to the reef, and I had swum out to deeper waters to try and get away from the snapping noise and was able to lay that sound over his image using iMovie.  Although this isn’t the best recording of whale calls, I hope that you enjoy it nonetheless.  I used a Canon SD1000 Digital Elph in a WP-DC13 Waterproof housing for both the video and the audio.

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