Susan Seubert at the Tacoma Art Museum

The show, “A Concise History of Northwest Art,” is currently on display at the Tacoma Art Museum in Washington state.  A series of pictures I made in 1998, “The Ten Most Popular Places to Dump a Body in the Columbia River Gorge” will be on display until May 23rd of 2010.  If you haven’t been to the TAM, I highly recommend a visit.  Not only is the collection housed in a magnificent building, designed by Antoine Predock, but there are also several other museums located close by.  Although Tacoma is generally not considered as worthy a destination as it’s big sister Seattle, I have found it a fine place to visit.  We’ve taken the train from Portland and spent the night at the impressive Hotel Murano, which is dedicated to glass art.  Not only is the train ride from Portland relaxing, once you arrive in Tacoma, you can take the free streetcar from the train station and spend the day tooling around the downtown area.

Susan Seubert's image from A Concise History of Northwest Art at the Tacoma Art Museum

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