Quality Stock Photography by Susan Seubert

Portland Oregon based Editorial Photographer Susan Seubert is building a substantial stock photo library via Photoshelter. She is uploading new photographs from assignments as they emerge from embargo periods.  It’s a herculean task, but photographs can’t be sold if they can’t be seen.  If you are a picture researcher, be sure to visit her stock photography library often as new images are being uploaded almost daily.  Susan has been shooting globally for over ten years and therefore owns a substantial image bank.  Tired of looking at Getty and Corbis?  Although she may have covered an area that has been published before, as an art buyer you can rest assured that there are literally thousands of outtakes that have been culled, color corrected and key-worded so it’s easier than ever to peruse Susan Seubert’s archive.  Also, even if the image isn’t on the stock photography archive page just yet, give her a call or drop her an email and she or her assistant can let you know if there are images or will be images you are looking for available within your time frame.  She can usually fill last minute stock photography requests from virtually anywhere on earth there is a high speed internet connection.  Also, if you have a Paypal account, you can log in, pay for and download the image in minutes.  And as always, she answers the phone, (unless she’s surfing) so if email is inconvenient or you don’t have the time to look through the galleries, you can always just give her a call 🙂

Here's a sampling of the galleries available right now
Here's a sampling of the galleries available right now

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