Canon 5D Mark II Repair – DOH!!

As is evidenced in previous posts, I was having trouble with my 5D Mark II on an assignment: the camera was giving me an “error 70” message and shutting down.  I sent the camera in to Canon’s Factory Service Center and they quickly replaced the main board and “other electrical adjustments, inspections and cleanings were carried out.”  The return paperwork included the following note, “The service on your equipment has been completed.  As part of Canon’s commitment to its customers, you can be assured that your equipment has been returned to Factory Specifications.”

Ah, so I was resting assured.  I shot a few photos with it, but didn’t really test it rigorously until today as I’ve been on vacation 🙂 Lo, the images the camera is producing are suddenly now full of banding and heavy pixilating.    YIKES!!!  So off it goes to the repair shop again.  The camera was producing very smooth, beautiful files at even the highest iso’s until it shut down with the error 70 message, so I’m a bit mystified by this new problem.  I’ve compared the RAW files I shot this morning to files that were shot before I sent the camera in.  I also looked at photos taken under the same conditions with the same lens with my Canon 5D and the 5D photos are lovely.  (Before I started blogging, I had a similar problem with the first 5D I purchased.  It had all kinds of electrical difficulties, so I had it repaired and sold it.  I then owned two 5D’s and loved them both.  I bought the 5D Mark II because of the 21.1 MP CMOS sensor and gigantic native file size, and of course the video action is irresistible.)

Because I always think that the best solution is often the most simple, I double and triple checked the camera settings before concluding that the camera is having more problems.  It may be that I got a lemon, it certainly happens.  I just hope they fix the camera, or give me a new one, before my assignments coming up this next month.

To all of you Canon 5D Mark II lovers, beware!  Keep a close eye on your camera body… it may betray you…

2 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark II Repair – DOH!!

  1. Hi,
    I am also have a 5d mkii, and came up with the dreaded error 70 msg. I was just wondering what the cost for the initial repair was. Also what the final outcome with the camera is, did canon fully restore or replace the body? I would love to hear the end of this slightly fearful story!

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