Canon 5D Mark II Error 70 message follow-up

Well hot diggity dog!  Canon repaired my 5D Mark II faster than you can say blog.  The person on the phone at Canon was right – it was an internal component problem.  They replaced the motherboard, cleaned and checked it and shazam!  Right back to me here in Maui.  Go CPS!!!  I’m going to test it out tonight at sunset, but it looks great at first inspection.

And to all the people who I upset about my comment about HD :  my intention was not to p.o. anyone. Never realized that there are so many strong feelings about HD out there!  I am only posting my experience about the things I learned when really picking the video component apart alongside people who are working professionals in the film/video industry.   Like I’ve said before, the camera is fabulous and for the price, a great product.  Happy shooting 🙂

3 Replies to “Canon 5D Mark II Error 70 message follow-up”

  1. i haven’t read your original post, but i’m curious. i’ve been trying to find out more about this error 70 … i get it way too often on my 5d2. but i don’t have a grip, don’t shoot in live view or video, haven’t seen the error while doing anything that other people have reported. i’m simply shooting. canon had no response for me (they hadn’t yet encountered this error when i called), and since then i’ve tried to remove every possibility: i cleared all custom functions and shot auto (still get the error), bought a newer and faster card (still get the error), bought a new battery thinking perhaps mine was defective (still get the error), etc. i’m stumped and am thinking i might have to send the whole body to canon to see if they can find something. ugh. so, i’m glad to hear others are also having problems; it might seal the deal for me to return my 5d2 and get an older 5d.

    1. Hi Michele,
      I didn’t have a grip, wasn’t shooting in live view or video either. I was just shooting good, old fashioned photos. 🙂 I would advise you to send the body to Canon. I live on the West Coast so I sent mint to the CPS repair shop in Irvine. The technicians there are very good. As long as it is under warranty, they will fix it for free and include return shipping costs. In my case the Error 70 message was an indication that the main board had gone bad, which they immediately replaced. When they returned the camera from that repair, the CMOS sensor was in need of adjustment (the images all had a heavy, strange pixel pattern), which they repaired. After it came back from THAT repair, the camera started randomly shooting really noisy, magenta frames so back to the shop it went. They are now in the process of replacing my camera. Arg. It’s been quite frustrating. It pains me to think about amount of time that I’ve wasted on this camera, (not to mention the cost of FedEx-ing the body to them 3 times). You can find the contact info to their two repair shops buried deep within Canon USA’s web site. I highly recommend sending it to Canon directly. Good luck!!!

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