Canon 5D Mark ll

omg. What can I say? It’s an amazing camera. One annoying thing is that one must to upgrade to Photoshop 4 in order to get the proper ACR plug-in, so add on another 200 clams for that. Plus the batteries are not the same as the ones in the 5D, and those are running 85 smackaroos each, but you need them, particularly since the video eats up a ton of battery power. Those two things aside, it’s a glorious camera with fantastic color saturation and huge file sizes (120MB native). It’s like having the 1Ds Mark lll and and a video camera all in one. The 6400 asa is nice, but very noisy, but whatever. I took a photo of a hawk sitting on a tree branch outside yesterday. I shot it with a 70-200mm 2.8, wide open at asa 400. The exposure was 1/80 at 2.8 and damn, that bird is sharp. You can see the pupils of it’s eyes clearly and the rendering of the breast feathers and talons is incredible.  Here is the photo, which is a bit underwhelming viewed online.

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